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DIY Pottery Barn Beaded Light Project

Updated: May 26, 2020

I love the new beaded lights and chandeliers. I purchased this light from Pottery Barn for our master and I love it but at $299 it was a big spend. I really wanted another light for our hallway with the same look but wasn't about to spend another $300, so I decided to make one of my own.

Pottery Barn Inspiration vs. Our Finished Project

The first step was to find a fixture with the same shape that I could paint and modify. I found this one on Amazon for $47.00. It has the perfect shape and already has the holes and hooks to use for the wooden beads.

Next, I found these unfinished wood beads on Amazon. They come in 4 sizes for 700 pieces and at $15.00 it was exactly what I wanted. I also wanted the light to have the coastal look that I love so much. I decided once the piece was painted I would wrap it in hemp rope. Here is the roll I purchased online.

Just to review... Here is my shopping list for the project:

  1. Light fixture

  2. White Spray Paint

  3. Wooden Beads

  4. Hemp Rope

  5. Glue Gun

  6. Acrylic paint ( I used American Decor Chalky Finish in Vintage)

  7. Paint Brush

  8. Wire

First you want to spray paint the fixture. Make sure to put blue tape in the bulb sockets so paint doesn't ruin the electrical components.

Spray Painting the Fixture

Next hot glue the hemp rope. I glued the rope around most of the exposed metal parts.

Gluing the Hemp Rope to the Fixture

Next, select your beads and paint them with the acrylic chalky paint. This doesn't have to be done perfectly and is actually a great job for kids to help with.

Painting the Beads a Beachy Color

Once the beads are dry you want to string them onto pieces of wire and wire them on the light fixture where the crystals were supposed to be hung .

All Steps Completed

After this your light is ready to be hung!

The DIY Beaded Light Completed!

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